Introducing DesignAlive Furnishings™. Healthy furnishings that help sustain us from the inside out.

We all know about the personal commitment it takes to ensure that we stay healthy in body—by eating right and exercising—and also in mind—by meditating or engaging in other spiritual practices. We also know about maintaining a keen environmental consciousness through recycling and other ways of caring for the planet.

But most of us overlook the importance of choosing a healthy interior environment for ourselves — the surroundings in which we live, eat, cook, work, bathe, sleep, raise our children and house our pets. The elements that affect us include walls, furnishings, carpets, cabinets, paints and flooring, just to name a few. As many of us know, some of these items are made with toxic substances that can impact our health. Few consumers realize it is even possible to purchase healthy, high-quality furnishings and interiors, or how to go about finding them.

Fortunately, Fine Design Interiors, Inc., an award-winning, full-service interior design firm, has just announced the launch of DesignAlive Furnishings™—A collection of beautiful, healthy and sustainable furnishings. This special line does not contain formaldehydes, pesticides or other pollutants known to cause harm to people and the planet. Only products manufactured with high quality control and healthy, sustainable best practices are included, such as those created with reclaimed woods, water-based glues, pure natural latex, as well as organic cotton, linen, hemp and wool.

According to Shirley Wagner, ASID-NCIDQ, and Principal Designer at Fine Design Interiors, DesignAlive Furnishings™ offers healthy, high-quality pieces that will provide lasting value and have been manufactured with a low environmental impact. Several diverse collections and custom pieces allow clients to select exactly the furniture that suits their needs, achieving beauty and comfort in their homes without sacrificing a commitment to a healthier environment.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council, of which FDI is a member, reports that “40 percent of consumers nationwide are interested in and taking action [on choosing healthy furnishings]. The two main sustainability concerns. . . are family health and safety and energy efficiency”. In short, an overwhelming number of customers are interested in purchasing healthy, high-quality products created with sustainable, best practices if given the choice, clearly a trend demonstrating upward momentum.

We take care of ourselves by making the choice each day to do what sustains our health and well-being on all levels— physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We make choices to eat healthy foods, think positive thoughts, choose fulfilling activities, and act in loving ways toward others and ourselves. Extending these healthy and sustainable concepts and commitments to include our intimate surroundings is the next best step we can take— not only for ourselves but also for future generations of our children and for the planet as a whole.

In upcoming blog posts, we will discuss such topics as indoor air quality, textiles and flooring, as well as offer easy-to-follow tips for creating healthier interiors, and so much more. We’ll also explore all the current best practices used in this newly evolving home furnishings industry, one that will help sustain us from the inside out.

It’s an exciting time to DesignAlive!